AI106 – CCTV PoE Switch 4+2 do 250m

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Kód tovaru AI106

    PoE switch AI106

    Stolný 6 portový PoE switch AI106 určený pre napájanie PoE zariadení až do vzdialenosti 250m. AI Smart PoE Switch, 4x 100Mbps RJ45 port (nastaviteľné 250M PoE), 2x 100Mbps Uplink, 5 pracovných režimov.

    Popis produktu

    AI Smart POE Switch,4*100Mbps RJ45 port( POE is available), 2*100Mbps port.
    AI VLAN: Avoid the internet storm and enhance the network ability;
    AI Extend: Extend 250M transmission.
    AI PoE: Automatic self checking, reboot the device while find it fake dead.
    AI QoS,Video data first, more fluent transmission.

    【Product parameters】

    · 4 100Mbps RJ45 ports (support PoE power supply)
    · 2 100Mbps uplink port
    · Supports 5 working modes: standard switching,AI VLAN,AI Extend,AI PoE,AI QoS mode.
    · Supports IEEE802.3af/at,single port output maximum power 30W
    · Power supply:60W

    【One key switch, three working modes】

    · Standard switching mode:All ports communicate freely, suitable for ordinary data transmission environment.
    · AI VLAN mode: Separating 1-4 ports from each other, can effectively restrain network storm and improve network performance.

    ·  AI Extend mode: Designed for monitoring application scenarios, 1-4 ports support 250 meters long distance power supply.

    · AI QoS mode:Video data first, more fluent transmission.
    · AI PoE mode:Automatic self checking, reboot the device while find it fake dead.

    【PoE power supply function】

    ·  4 100M RJ45 ports support PoE power supply, which meets the requirements of PoE power supply in security monitoring, teleconferencing systems, and wireless coverage.。
    ·  Support IEEE802.3af/at standard protocol, single port maximum PoE output power is 30W, no need to worry about PoE or non-PoE devices with private standards will be corrupted.

    【Stable and smooth transmission】
    · With power circuit protection, it can protect the security and stability of the back-end equipment.
    · All ports support non-blocking wire-speed forwarding for smoother transmission.

    【Green energy conservation】
    · Intelligent power supply, the lowest power consumption, to ensure the power consumption of the PD terminal.
    · No fan design, energy saving and environmental protection; no noise, reducing the impact on the environment.
    · Support port no link power saving function.

    【Simple operation】
    · Zero configuration characteristic power supply, plug and play, no configuration, simple and convenient.
    · The user can easily understand the working state of the equipment through power and port status indicator (Link/Act).

    Obsah balenia

    PoE switch AI106

    Napájací zdroj

    PoE Štandard

    IEEE 802.3at, IEEE802.3af, IEEE802.3i, IEEE802.3u, IEEE802.3x


    2porty 10/100Mbps non-POE RJ45 port (port 9~port 10),
    4porty 10/100Mbps PoE RJ45 port (port 1~port 8)

    Prenosová Rýchlosť

    100Mbps full Duplex, 10 or 100Mbps Half Duplex


    Bandwidth: 2Gbps (no block), Frame filtering and transmission rate: 10M port maximum 14,800pps; 100M port maximum 148,800pps, Network delay(100 to100Mbps): maximum 20 μs (using 64 byte packet)

    LED indikácia

    LINK/ACT, Power, RESV

    POE Pin


    Spotreba Energie

    Max output power single port: 30W, Max Power supply: 60W


    DC 48V




    125 x 75 x 27mm

    Prevádzková teplota

    0℃ ~ 40℃

    Prevádzková vlhkosť

    10% – 90% (nekondenzujúca)


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    Tento produkt môžu ohodnotiť len prihlásení zákazníci, ktorí si ho kúpili.

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